Packing Fragile Items

When moving, most of the stress comes from not wanting to break your fragile items. Well don’t stress, DZ Moving and Storage takes pride in providing the best and safest service when moving all your items. Most fragile items consist of – glassware, chinaware, furniture pieces (antiques), electronic equipment, artwork, mirrors, lamps, musical instruments and so on. Most of the time fragile items just need more attention when they are being packaged.

Step 1: Proper packing materials:

One of the most essential items in packing is packing supplies. You can’t possibly skip this step or underestimate its significance for a hassle-free packing and moving experience.

Items needed for packing/moving:

  • Quality cardboard boxes: You can also get second-hand boxes for free to save money but make sure they are in great condition. Important tip is to get boxes that are dry, sturdy and clean.
  • Packing paper: You’re going to need a lot of clean and soft packing paper to help pad all your items in their boxes.
  • Bubble wrap: The bubble-filled plastic material is vital for keeping your breakables safe so get a few rolls of bubble wrap.
  • Packing tape: Get the highest-quality packing tape you can afford.

Step 2: Wrap your fragile items with care:

Even though DZ Moving and Storage moves everything with care it’s always important to follow these packing tips:

  • Set up a suitable packing station with a flat, clean and stable surface.
  • Use soft paper first and then apply bubble wrap on top of it to provide the unrivaled protection.
  • Do not use newsprint to wrap fragile items with even more delicate surfaces due to possible ink stains.
  • Always stack wrapped-up plates sideways in their respective boxes.
  • Secure the stems of your stemware with bubble wrap first before wrapping the glasses with packing paper.

Step 3: Pad your breakables-filled boxes:

Once your fragile things are inside their containers, it’s time to make sure that your already wrapped-up stuff won’t move inside during the haul. To achieve that level of immobility, place soft items to fill up any remaining space and avoid accidental movements.

Step 4: Labeling is key:

Labeling the boxes that contain your highly breakable items is more important than you might think. Proper labeling will increase the chance of finding your fragile items intact when it’s time to get them out of their containers and arrange them in your new home.

It is always important to write FRAGILE and HANDLE WITH CARE on at least 2 sides of each box. Another great tip is to sometimes mark down what contents are in certain containers. It is just another great way to stay organized and to make the moving experience more convenient when you are unpacking. Lastly, one moving company you can trust with all your items is DZ Moving and Storage.

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