Warehousing Services In Louisville, KY

We are just the company you are looking to partner with to grow your business – we value all our customers and treat them fairly. Even if you predict your business is on the verge of exponential growth, we are flexible to accommodate that growth. Our space is strategically located in the heart of Louisville allowing for fast access and quick distribution services. Our warehousing team is equipped to create an individual plan for you. We offer customized solutions to each client.

We have invested in round-the-clock security cameras and surveillance systems to ensure your goods are safe and secure. Anti-theft and fire detection systems ensure your goods are safe.

If you are shipping goods in Louisville, KY then DZ Moving and Logistics can reduce the time lag between placing an order and actual delivery to customers. Our quality warehousing and logistics services enableyou to quickly retrieve your goods and deliver them to your clients promptly.

Manufacturing Support Solutions

Your manufacturing depends on having the right materials in place, exactly when you need them. Some manufacturing plants manage the downtime risk by keeping extra inventory on-site, but stockpiling drives up space requirements and inventory carrying costs. As your operation grows, you may want to utilize valuable square footage in the plant for expanded production or reconfiguration.

DZ can offer you localized, off-site warehousing with a turnkey manufacturing materials management solution in place.


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We understand that every move is unique, which is why you have the ability to tailor our moving services to best fit your needs.