How-To Unpack Efficiently

You have spent weeks planning, organizing, and packing for your move. You finally arrive at your new home with the help of Louisville’s movers, DZ Moving and Storage and find out that you have to organize and pack your belongings. Packing can be exhausting but hiring DZ Moving for your next move will help relieve all your stress.

You might feel the urge to unpack everything right away, but you will quickly exhaust yourself to the point that you end up feeling very frustrated. Don’t get frustrated! Instead, remember that all of your unpacking doesn’t have to get done in a day. Rather, come up with a plan for keeping your unpacking organized and efficient. We at DZ Moving have compiled a list that will help make your unpacking a breeze!

Tip 1: Make Sure Your Boxes are Clearly Labeled:

This is perhaps the most important step in keeping your unpacking quick and efficient. Label all of your boxes so that you know exactly what is in each box. This helps you to place boxes in their corresponding room in the house. It will allow you to find things much faster and more easily.

Tip 2: Unpack Your Essentials First

Decide which items you will need to keep your home running. These would include things like trash bags, toiletries, medications, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, dish soap, a couple outfits, etc. These items should be packed separately in boxes that are easily accessible. Place them aside so you can get to them first when you arrive at your new home.

Tip 3: Place Boxes in the Correct Room

When we are unloading your boxes, make sure they are placed in the room where they are meant to be. This will help facilitate the unpacking process. Otherwise, you will be searching all over your house for specific boxes.

Tip 4: Take it One Room at a Time

The golden rule is: Unpack one room at a time! It can be too easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed if you are jumping all over the place so pick one room and stick with it. The kitchen is always good to start with.

Tip 5: Make Your Bathrooms Functional

You might not need your dining room right away but what you will need is a functioning bathroom. Make sure at least one bathroom in your house is equipped with toilet tissue, shower items, medications, hairdryer, and any other pertinent toiletry items.

Tip 6: Bedroom Basics

If you have not had a chance to assemble your bedroom furniture, you can just throw your mattress on the floor and sleep for a night or two on the mattress. Once your furniture is assembled, you can start putting away clothing and shoes. Focus on the clothing you will be wearing for the current season first. Your other clothing can wait until later.

Tip 7: Storage Spaces Can Be Unpacked Last

One of the last rooms to unpack is the garage. Since most garage items aren’t essential, try to organize the space before you begin unpacking. You might purchase extra shelving or storage boxes so that you can keep the space organized and functional. Tools and lawn equipment should be unpacked first and then you can unpack patio items at your leisure.

Try not to get overwhelmed with the unpacking process. Remember that it doesn’t have to get done in one day. Once you have the main essentials unpacked, try to take some time to enjoy your new home! DZ Moving is proud to serve the Greater Louisville area with professional home and business moving needs. Call the best moving company in Louisville, Kentucky for your upcoming move. Call us today at (502) 224-0856!

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