5 Must Have Items for Moving Day

Moving day can be stressful but with DZ Moving and Storage being apart of that the day it will help with easing the stress! Throughout the years we have noticed moving day trends and or items that help with the entire day. Let’s review these trends and items so that your moving day goes as smoothly as possible.

    Post it notes are essential to moving day! Why are they so important? For the same reason they are useful in any situation, they remind us. On moving day they may be used to declare that a
    specific box or what needs to be loaded last.
    A black marker has a wide variety of uses on moving day! Write on moving boxes, plastic bags or those post-it notes we discussed previously.
    Plastic baggies are probably the most overlooked and forgotten item on this list. Such a simple and affordable item, yet absolutely vital to moving day. Plastic baggies are primarily used to
    keep pieces of hardware together after furniture disassembly. You’ll likely be surprised by just how many screws, bolts, fasteners, etc you will come across while disassembling your furniture.
    Lastly, use the black marker to specify what the hardware belongs to and you’re all set!
  4. TOOLS
    It is very likely that you will need tools at some point on your moving day, whether you think you will or not. Luckily, most furniture these days can be disassembled with basic tools like
    screwdrivers, allen wrenches and pliers. We highly recommend having an allen wrench key available as well as both a phillips and flat head screwdriver, it’s likely you will need these items
    at some point. Remember to use plastic baggies to store hardware to allow for quick assembly later.
    It is very important to have tools, baggies, markers and post its but the most crucial part of the move is to have DZ Moving and Storage as your go to moving company for any move. We provide help from start to finish along with storage space for items you do not want to have in your new location. There is no need to travel up and down stairs, carrying heavy or large boxes leave that up to the cautious and hard working team of DZ Moving and Storage.

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