What to Consider When Moving

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What to Consider When Moving
When moving to a new city or neighborhood you need to question and think about a few things before making the move. Some objectives to consider before packing your things and moving are listed below:
Crime Rate:
One of the most important objectives is the safety of the area you will be moving to. Most cities have a line between dangerous parts of town to safer parts of town. Be sure to know the difference.
Cost of Living:
When looking at the cost of living you will notice the desired cities are the most expensive. Because it is a destination that many want to move to. Usually, basic necessities such as groceries, parking, car maintenance and gas prices can change in cost from city to city. Be sure to determine if your new city’s cost of living is inline with your budget.
If you currently have children or plan to have children in the future be sure to review the educational system. Two factors to review before deciding to move would be school rank and graduations rates. Also ask certain questions like:
  • Is the city funding there?
  • Are there after school programs?
  • Are the schools safe?
Whether you like your climate hot or cold it is important for you to consider the weather conditions to were you will be moving. There is potential of savings in utilities based off the weather and climate. Before moving you need to know what weather you can tolerate.
Commute Time & Public Transportation:
Public transportation is not equal in all cities in the US. For example, in New York City many people decide not to have cars and rely on public transportation. In Los Angeles, the city basically requires a car! But you need to tolerate traffic.
Cost of Housing:
When figuring out your living situation you want to factor in the cost of rent, availability, and of course mortgage. The housing market in some cities are highly competitive for even mediocre quality apartments, while other cities have high-quality places at a steep price. Some questions you have to ask your self before moving would be:
  • Are you looking to buy or rent?
  • Are there affordable and desirable homes in your target range?
  • Do you know what moving company to call to make the trip?
Another great asset to your move would be to review local forums. Residents will post their thoughts on the city or neighborhood. When reviewing keep in mind that there will always be complainers. But you will notice there is a vibrant and supportive voice.
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