Are You Moving This Summer?

By July 6, 2017Moving News
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Are You Moving This Summer?

Summer is one of the busiest seasons for storage and moving companies! Studies show that roughly 70% of households move during or between the months of May and September. With that being said, DZ Moving & Storage put together a list of important tips to follow.

Tip #1: Hire DZ Moving & Storage:

Like stated above summertime can be a busy season for moving companies. But do not worry, DZ Moving has the man power to get any job done within peak months. In other words, instead of wasting too much time hunting moving companies bet on the experienced movers at DZ Moving. When hiring DZ Moving you will NOT need to worry about receiving unexperienced professionals. Your move will get completed timely and efficiently.

Tip #2: Plan ahead of time:

There are a number of great ways to prepare for a move, but the best way to do just that is to plan well in advance. There isn’t any time to lose – the day your summer relocation is confirmed is the day you need to start working on your summer moving checklist.

Create a moving checklist first to help as a reminder throughout the process and it will also keep you on task of what you need to do next. Don’t forget to label PACKING as a top priority task! Most people tend to underestimate how much time they need to pack up their homes, and later, when Moving day is just around the corner, they wish they hadn’t made that mistake.

Tip #3: Stay cool:

The most important summer moving tip would be to STAY COOL! We all know, or at least suspect, that the climatic challenges of moving during the cold months of the year, but moving in the summer can be tricky as well. Protect yourself from the intense summer heat and strong direct sunshine as unwise exposure to both of them can bring harm into your relocation endeavor. Water and sunscreen are very important to have at your convenience!

Another tip that usually gets missed is dressing appropriately for the moving day! It is good to wear comfortable and lightweight summer clothes and most importantly close-toe shoes. We do not recommend that you where flip-flops.

DZ Moving is proud to serve the Greater Louisville area with professional home and business moving needs. Call the best moving company in Louisville, Kentucky for your upcoming move. Call us today at (502) 224-0856!

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