6 Important Tips for When Making that Move

By June 7, 2017Moving News
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The moving process can be stressful. With that being said it is easy to forget the small stuff. DZ Moving came up with a list of 6 important tips to follow when going through this step in life. The 6 tips will help you complete the move efficiently and effectively so you can enjoy your new home!

Here we go:

1. Create a moving checklist:

The organization is key and the first step on becoming organized for your move is to create a checklist. The checklist will not only provide organization but it will help with time management and getting you from point a to point b. Below is how your timeline checklist should be set up:

• 8 Weeks Before Moving
• 6 Weeks Before a Move
• 4 Weeks Before You Move
• 3 Weeks Before Moving
• 2 Weeks Before Moving House or Apartment • 1 Week Before the Move
• On Moving Day
• After Moving Day

2. Choose DZ Moving & Storage to Handle All Moving Needs:

When moving to be sure to use DZ Moving & Storage as they are effective, efficient, reliable and offer competitive pricing. Whether you are moving your house, apartment, office or just looking for storage DZ Moving has everything you are looking for when looking for a moving company.

3. Collect all important documents and records:

In the midst of moving from place to place sometimes the smaller items either get forgotten or missed. Don’t forget to gather all personal/important documents, employment, housing, legal, financial, motor vehicle, medical, school, and moving documents/ in one place and take them with you while completing the household move.

4. Pack an essentials box:

It is important that you don’t forget to pack an essentials box with prescription medication, extra clothes for each family member, kitchen utensils, toiletries, a set of hand towels, a flashlight, important documentation, valuables, and any other items you just need to have with you at all times.

5. Label all boxes:

Why is it important to label the boxes while moving? Well an important reason is because usually all the boxes look the same. Then you will be lost of what the contents inside are.

Don’t forget to label the packing boxes – it’s a simple task that will save you so much time, confusion and headaches later on. After, packing one box just add a label or even simpler just take a marker and mark what is in the box!

6. Redirect your mail:

More often than not, the things you forget when moving out are the things you never thought were actually important until you reach your new location. And when you do, you’ll soon start wondering why things are not running like they should. For instance, your not receiving mail in your new mailbox. To redirect the mail by changing the home address with the US Postal

Services is definitely one of the most forgotten things when moving to a new home. That change of address task is often given a low priority, and that often proves to be a mistake in the end.

DZ Moving is proud to serve the Greater Louisville area with professional home and business moving needs. Call the best moving company in Louisville, Kentucky for your upcoming move. Call us today at (502) 224-0856!

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