Moving with Pets

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When it comes to moving we think about packing, boxing and all the work involved. But we
fail to think about the move of all the pets. We at DZ Moving want to make sure every aspect
of your next move goes smoothly. So we put together a list of tips for moving with your pets.

Tips for Transportation of Pets:

  • Pets cannot be shipped on moving vans.
  • Keep your pet on a leash when outside during the moving process.
  • It is important that your pet wears a special identification tag with its name, your name and
    where you can be reached if lost.

Entry Requirements & Tips:

  • If your move is across state lines, check with your new State Veterinarian or State
    Department of Animal Husbandry. A good place to start is the U.S. State and Territory
    Animal Import Regulations website.
  • Interstate health certificates must be obtained for dogs and horses prior to entering most
  • Some pets must have an entry permit issued by the destination state’s regulatory agency.
  • A few states have border inspection of all animals being transported; others have random

Local Laws
Be sure to check your local community laws. Some communities have pet control and
licensing ordinances. In some cases, the number of pets is limited.

The moving process can be a hassle but we hope that these tips make it less stressful but we can
guarantee if you choose us your next move will be simplified. DZ Moving is proud to serve the
Greater Louisville area with professional home and business moving needs. Call the best
moving company in Louisville, Kentucky for your upcoming move. Call us today at (502)
224-0856! In no time, your pets will be comforted in their new home!

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