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Read these quality tips from DZ Moving to help with the moving of your large appliances:


Be sure to clean and dry thoroughly inside and outside of the washing machine. All hoses need to be disconnected and wrapped with a towel. DZ Moving will be sure to follow the manufacturing operational manual on how to prevent swaying or tipping.


Unplug and clean the dryer. One tip to not forget is to empty the link trap. DZ Moving will ensure that the dryer is properly carried and packed so that it has safe travels to your next destination.


Like the other appliances clean and dry thoroughly. Be sure to leave the door open for a few days before having DZ Moving move – this will ensure it’s free of any moisture prior to transport. Just like the washer, disconnect all drain hoses; wrap them in towels and place inside for safe keeping.


Remove all detachable parts. Dry and clean thoroughly. It is important to mark each part, tape any parts together, and pack safely in a well-marked box for help with this process be sure to ask DZ Moving.
If it is a gas stove be sure to have it disconnected by a qualified technician. When having DZ Moving move your stove, be sure to have the technician connect you to a new line, check your gas supply, seal all openings, and light the pilot.


When moving your refrigerator and freezer defrost, clean, and dry thoroughly. Properly, dispose of all perishables. Turn off water and disconnect the water line if you have a water dispenser or ice machine. Pack all loose/removable parts together in a well-marked box.

Its important to take your time to care for any appliance you are moving to a new home and DZ Moving will be sure to insure the care throughout the move. Let us DZ Moving know if you have any questions, they would love to help!

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